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Ma Ling, a native of Beijing, is a Chinese film and television actor. She has appeared in many TV series and movies. In recent years, she has continued to appear on the TV screen, …

Ma Ling, a native of Beijing, is a Chinese film and television actor. She has appeared in many TV series and movies. In recent years, she has continued to appear on the TV screen, hosting cultural programs, and has become a relatively famous star in film, television, singing, and hosting. His works include “Eternal Heaven Slaying the Dragon” and so on. It also refers to the African animal antelope, whose scientific name is Hippotragus equinus. Ma Ling and singer Sun Hao performed on the same stage. Recent photos of Ma Ling. Ma Ling in the drama. Ma Ling fashion stills. Ma Ling stills. Ma Ling. Ma Ling and her family together. Ma Ling and her son Ma Ling group photos. Ma Ling life photos 4. Ma Ling life photos 3. Ma Ling Life Photos 2 Ma Ling Life Photos 1 Mammal Ma Ling Actor Ma Ling Personal Resume

In 1976, he participated in the People’s Liberation of China and played a role in the drama “Through the Clouds and Fog” by the Lanzhou District Repertory Troupe. In 1978, he was admitted to the folk dance specialist class of Beijing Dance Academy. After graduating in 1984, he joined the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe as a dancer. In 1985, he was admitted to the fashion design major of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts. After graduating in 1987, he worked as a fashion designer. In 1988, Jing Li Maling Clothing Co., Ltd. organized a fashion show team to perform in Paris and Hong Kong, which caused a sensation. In 1988, she worked as a costume designer on the crew of the film “Rock of Ages” directed by Tian Zhuangzhuang, and was selected by the director to play the heroine in the film. The performance is simple, natural and close to the characters, and has been well received. From then on, he entered the film and television industry. In 1991, he played an important role in the film “The Guests” directed by Wang Fengkui. This is a comedy-style film. Ma Ling’s performance added a lot to the film. In the same year, she played a complicated character, Wen Shan, a female cafe singer, in the film “Line”. In 1992, she participated in the TV series “Love You Without Discussion”, which aroused strong reactions from the audience, and Ma Ling herself became one of the audience’s favorite actors. In 2006, she successfully played the role of Wei Xiaobao’s mother Wei Chunhua in Zhang Jizhong’s version of “The Deer and the Cauldron”. Her recent works “Eternal Dragon Sword” and the movie “The Secret Recipe of Love” are worth looking forward to. In recent years, she has appeared on the TV screen from time to time, hosting cultural programs, and has become a star in film, television, singing, and hosting.

Drama works

1976 Actor of “Through the Clouds and Fog” 1987 “Mulberry Ping Chronicle” Dance design 2002 “Care” Actor

Movie works

1988 “Young Rock” actor, costume design won the Film Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress Nomination Award 1989 “Female Model Storm” 1990 “Walking and Singing” 1991 “Guests” won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress Nomination Award 1991 In 1992, she played the role of Wen Shan in “Line Telephone” and won the Leading Actress Award at Xiaobaihua Film Studio in Changchun. In 1992, she won the Leading Actress Award at the Shanghai University Film Festival in “Love Novel in the Hutong” in 1992 and in “Fire and Grudge” in 1993. 1993 “Born to Be Cowardly” won the Popular Film Actress Nomination Award 1993 “A Cool Time” 1993 “Love Fool” 1994 “Surrendered Love” 1994 “It’s Hard for Men Too” 1994 “***Security Detective” 1995 “Xi’an Security” in 1995 “Strangers” 1998 “Skynet Locks the Poison Nest” 2000 “Eye in the Sky” 2002 “Dangerous Hour” 2008 “Black Egg Run” 2009 “Nana’s Rose Peace” Cooperation Actor: Sheena Lee Seung-hyun 2009 “The Secret of Love” Co-star: Li Jie 2009 “Beijing ORZ”

TV series

1992 “Love You Without Negotiation” Played by: Tao Lili Director: Zhang Yu Co-stars: Song Dandan, Ying Da, Xie Yuan, Gai Lili, Wang Kuirong, Feng Xianzhen 1992 “Love Novel in the Hutong” Played by: Yan Zi Director: Xu Tongjun Co-star: Zhao 1992 “The Endless Flow” NHN.CCTV co-production Actor: Zhou Lijing, Zhou Haimei, Sun Song 1993 “I Love You Tonight” 1993 “I Love My Family” Guest appearance in episodes 26, 95, 96 1995 “Baoan Yuan God’s Palm” Played by: Huang Renyu Director: Zhou Zhou Co-stars: Xu Xiaojian and Kong Lin 1995 “Meng Jiangnu” Played as: Princess Director: Cheng Ke Co-stars: Shi Lanya, Huang Gexuan 1996 “The Seduction of the Strait” Co-stars: Xiao Rongsheng, Shi Ke 1997 “Fifty Million Dollars to You” 1998 “Laozi” , Wife and Children” 1998 “Psychological Clinic” 1998 “Celebrating the New Year Outside” 1999 “All My Wishes Come True” 1999 “Human Relations” Co-stars: Zhou Lijing, Wang Zhixia 1999 “The Ring of Joy and Joy” 2000 “A Family in Macao” “Dear” 2000 “Sister Ma” as the second sister Li Director: Yingda Co-stars: Cai Ming, Liu Jinshan 2002 “Give me some sunshine” Played by: Chen Xin Director: Gu Jing Co-stars: Ma Yue, Xu Ya, Chen Peisi 2002 “The Ugly” Played by: Empress Dowager Cixi Director: Shen Haofang Co-stars: Xia Yu, Liang Guanhua, Zhu Yuanyuan, Hu Ke 2002 “The Right Household” 2003 “Sad Family I Love the Office” Played by: Xu Suwei Co-stars: Zhang Huizhong, Liu Min 2003 “You Are Not Married” Starring: Li Xiao Director: You Xiaogang, Tao Lingling Co-stars: Xi Meijuan 2004 “Don’t Go, I Love You” Starring: Liu Qing Director: Ma Ling Co-stars: Hong Jiantao, Zhang Tielin, Xie Fang and Ma Enran 2004 “Can I Love You” 2004 “A Dream” as Princess Kangci 2004 “Chicken Xiang Ruyi” as Siniang 2004 “Yongle Heroes” Played by: Xi’anOccupation DecorationCustomized Concubine Director: Zhang Jizhong, Yu Min Co-stars: Liu Xiaoqing, Kou Shixun, Liu Tao 2004 “Don’t Touch My Drawer” 2005 “Salt Heng” as Empress Dowager Cixi Director: Shen Haofang 2005 In 2006, he played the role of Guarjia in “The Empress of the Qing Dynasty”. In 2006, he played the role of Wei Chunhua in “The Deer and the Cauldron”.ophoeus) closely related. The body is large, with a shoulder height of 130 to 150 cm (50 to 60?).

Physical Characteristics

Beautiful in appearance, both sexes have long pointed ears, erect manes, sickle-like horns, and long hairs on their throats. Light reddish gray to light brownish white, with black markings on the face, and white snout and abdomen.


Hippotraginae is a large antelope, mainly found in Africa, mostly found in the Middle East, and was widely distributed in prehistoric times. The subfamily Hippotragini is divided into Hippotragini and Reduncini. The Hippotragini are large and slightly horse-like in size, with long horns. Some species are adapted to living in arid areas. Among them, the Arabian Oryx oryx is distributed in the Arabian Peninsula and In the deserts of Iraq, it is the only member of the subfamily Malinidae distributed in Asia. The reedbuck tribe is mostly distributed in watery areas, and some species have good water resistance, such as the waterbuck Kobus ellipsiprymnus and the donkey antelope Kobus leche. The reedbuck tribe is sometimes organized into a separate subfamily.

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