Quality Manufacturering of Ladies Garments, Beach Wear, Casual Wear, Ladies Skirts, Ladies Mini-skirts, Print Skirts, Sequin Skirts,  T-Shirt Printed, Over-dyed, Polo - Oxford Shirt, Casual Button-down Shirt, Denim Jeans, Chinos, Bermudas, Cargo Short, Boardshort, Mini-Skirts, Shorts, Hoodies, Jackets, Undergarments, Accessories.





Ladies Fashion Skirts 


100% Cotton Denim - Cotton Twill - Cotton Rip-Stop


Garment Washing : Stone-wash, enzyme-wash, Acid-wash, Over dyed tinting, over-spray, discharged, scrapping, distressing, bleaching and blasting. We can supply an array of washing and finishing technique as per request of customer.

 Embroidery : Computerized, digitized embroidery for any style garment logo monograms print outlines and design.  Many types of threads to choose from Cotton to Poly, Gold or Metallic, which ever type or style you need, we can assist in choosing the right one for you.



 Sierra - Vintage Wash 100% Indigo Denim

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL ) 




Slice - Light faded wash, Printed Indigo Blue Denim 

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL )  



Sunday- Vintage Wash 100% Indigo Denim, Cotton Print Patches

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL )  



Combat - Enzyme wash, 100% Cotton Twill

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL ) 



Lakeside -  Soft Garment wash,100% Cotton Rip-stop

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL ) 


Custom Manufacturer of Men, Ladies, Kids garments. Beach - Casual Wear, Company Uniform, T-Shirt Printed-Over-dyed, Polo - Oxford Shirt, Casual Button-down Shirt, Denim, Cotton Twill - Canvas Pants, Chino, Bermuda, Cargo Shorts, Boardshort, Mini- Short, Hoodies, Jackets, Underwear, Accessories

Spice - Faded Indigo Denim,w/ Embriodery  

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL ) 



 Angel - Vintage Wash 100% Indigo Denim, Sequins, Embroidery

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL ) 



 Corona - 100% Soft Cotton Baby Twill 

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL ) 



Del Mar - 100% Soft Cotton Linen

( Sizes Xs-Sm-Med-Lg-XL-XXL ) 



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Custom Garment Manufacturer for Ladies, Custom Fashion Skirts, Denim Skirts, Cotton Over-dyed Skirts, Casual Wear, Company Uniform, T-Shirt Printed - Over-dyed, Polo - Oxford Shirt, Casual Button-down Shirt, Denim Jeans, Cotton Twill - Canvas Bottom, Chinos, Bermuda, Cargo Short, Ladies Boardshorts, Mini-Skirts - Shorts, Hoodies, Jackets, Undergarment,  Accessories.