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Girls Fashion Skirts


100% Cotton Poplin

100% Cotton Twill

100% Cotton Corduroy

Cotton/Rayon Blend


Custom Manufacturer of Fashion  Skirts,  Denim Skirts,  Cotton Fleece Skirts,  Printed Cotton Skirts,  Cordreroy Skirts,  Embroidered Skirts,  Fashion Skirts, School Uniforms Skirts. Made from High Quality fabrics.


Rumble - 100% Cotton Fleece, Elastic Waist, w/ Satin Ribbon

( Sizes Xs - Sm - Med - Lg - XL ) 



Floral Pink - 100% Soft Cotton Twill, Floral Print


School Break - 100% Cotton Cord, Faded wash, Pleated, Embroidery w/ Leather Inlay 



Vista - Soft Cotton/Rayon, Beaded Embroidery

( Sizes Xs - Sm - Med - Lg - XL ) 


 Early Bloom - 100% Cotton Floral print, Mid Length

( Sizes Xs - Sm - Med - Lg - XL ) 



PRICE LIST & INQUIRIES, please Email desmet@indo.net.id


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Custom Manufacturer of Fashion Garments For Girls, Kids,  Casual wear, Beach wear, Skate wear, Urban fashion, Denim Mini Skirts, Washed Denim Skirts, Printed Cotton Rayon Skirts, Cotton Print Floral Skirts,Cotton Linen Skirts, Embroidered Rayon Skirts.